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DW Spectrum User Manual

Sends a notification to the selected user(s). See "Notification Panel".

Basic Parameters

Users – Select users who will see the notification

Advanced Parameters

Interval of action – Check this box to aggregate notifications to a given per a certain amount of time, to reduce the number of events. Uncheck so the action is instant and will occur whenever the event is triggered.

Force Acknowledgment – Prompts the recipient to acknowledge the notification. When "Force Acknowledgment" is checked, a notification will remain in the Notification Panel until the recipient responds by clicking the Acknowledge button. Hovering over the Acknowledge button opens a thumbnail that showing the device name and timestamp of the event. Clicking the Acknowledge button opens a Bookmark form.

oThe Name field is pre-populated with an event description but may be edited. A Description is required, Tags are optional.

oClick OK to close the notification and create the Bookmark.

May be caused by

All events

Why Action may work incorrectly

Some notifications are disabled.

Event is not configured properly.

Interval of action is too long. Reduce length or try instant.

Global notification for this event is disabled.