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DW Spectrum User Manual

All devices come with a predefined login and password combination. During the discovery process, DW Spectrum attempts to use the manufacturer’s default credentials to access a device and acquire media streams. However, default login and passwords can vary between models or product lines, or may have already been changed.

If DW Spectrum cannot access a device using the default authentication, the device is shown as Unauthorized (camera_unauthorized_disabled) in the Resource Tree and the following message will appear when a user attempts to view a live stream: "UNAUTHORIZED Please check authentication information."

Some devices require that a non-default password be created if they are discovered using default credentials. In this case, the device is displayed within the Resource Tree but an "unauthorized" message will be displayed when attempts are made to view streams from such devices.

To Enter Authorization Parameters

1.Open Camera Settings > General.

2.Click on the Edit Credentials button.

3.Enter Login and Password in the Authentication section and click Apply or OK. To discard changes, click Cancel.