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DW Spectrum User Manual

For all cameras, the Camera Settings > General tab displays the unique camera ID, RTSP URLs for primary and secondary streams, and a link to the device web page. For ONVIF-compliant cameras editable fields for streams, image quality, and related parameters as also available.

Camera name this field is editable.




IP address press the Ping button to test device accessibility.

Web Page this link launches the device web page in a browser, where you can view and edit all device parameters. Depending on the device make and model, the device web page can also be launched and edited from within the DW Spectrum client (see "Configuring Device Using DW Spectrum Client").

MAC address

Camera ID a UUID that the system assigns to each camera, usually in the format similar to f93369eb-e530-27b7-78ba-16978cbd3061. It is also used for devices such as virtual cameras.

Primary stream URL

Secondary stream URL