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DW Spectrum User Manual

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Configuring Routing in a Multi-Server Environment

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DW Spectrum provides a built-in automatic routing mechanism that enables users to seamlessly work with large sites as a single cluster.

Initially DW Spectrum tries to discover all available IP addresses of servers, including public ones. However discovery is not always possible in some network environments. There may be custom network configurations that require custom routing settings. Sometimes servers have several IP addresses (public and private) and it may be necessary to allow or restrict traffic flow for some of them. For instance, a server can have a public IP address connected to the Internet via 100 Mbit network and a local NIC with local IP address (1Gbit). If it is not necessary to provide public access to this server, it may be useful to restrict traffic flow through the public IP.

To add, enable, and disable routing, open Main Menu > System Administration and go to the Routing Management tab.

The left panel displays a list of all connected servers. Click on a server in this list to show all available interfaces on the right side of the dialog.

To add an address manually, click the Add button and enter a URL using the format http://<ip>:<port>:

o<ip> – the desired IP address or DNS name of server.

o<port> – network port server is listening on (default 7001).

To allow/deny traffic via a specific network interface, click the toggle button for that connection.