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DW Spectrum User Manual

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Time Synchronization in a Multi-Server Environment

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DW Spectrum can be set to adopt time either from the Internet or from a given server to which all other servers will synchronize.

To Control Time Synchronization

1.Open Main Menu > System Administration.

2.Go to the Time Synchronization tab. The current VMS time is displayed at the top.

To synchronize VMS time with the Internet, enable the Sync time with the Internet selector.

To synchronize VMS time with local time on the operating a given server, disable the Sync time with the Internet selector and click on the name of the desired server. VMS time will be synchronized with Server OS time on the selected server.

To allow each server to use its own local time, choose the Do not sync time among servers option.

3.Click Apply, Cancel, or OK.

Note that if there is no internet connection or if the time server is offline, VMS time cannot be synchronized.

For Systems where time is not synchronized, offsets display for both server and vms times, relative to the server over which the cursor is hovered. For Systems where time is synchronized with the local server, offsets are shown for server OS time only, relative to the server OS time on the selected server.

Note that some period of archive may become unavailable for Systems where the VMS time difference between servers is greater than 10 seconds. See Time mode in "Customizing Look and Feel of DW Spectrum".