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DW Spectrum User Manual

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Expired and Invalid License Keys

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Under some circumstances, a license may become invalid. For instance, when a server is removed from the System or goes offline, the licenses tied to the hardware ID of that server will become invalid. When the server is back online or reconnected to the System, the licenses will be active again without configuration.

However, if a server change results in a hardware ID update, all licenses tied to the previous hardware ID will become invalid and can only be activated on the new hardware ID by contacting support. If a hardware change is planned, the best approach is to contact support prior to the update so licenses can be intentionally deactivated before the hardware change, while they are still active and valid, and reactivated once the new hardware ID is established.

note Note: A trial license cannot be deactivated nor reactivated once it expires.

Under certain conditions, such as when a recording license is invalidated, or when a server fails in a failover-enabled system (see Configuring Failover), a 30-day grace period is granted to prevent gaps in recording and allow you enough time to resolve the server or license issue. Once the original server comes back online, or the license issue has been resolved, the recording will continue normally with the original license(s).

Similar functionality exists for Video Wall licenses, where a seven day grace period is granted to prevent any interruptions in the Video Wall and allow you enough time to resolve the license issue (see Video Wall Mode).

To Deactivate a License

Users can deactivate and move a license a maximum of 3 times. The operation must be performed from the Desktop Client and requires an active Internet connection in order to execute. Trial licenses cannot be deactivated.

1.Go to Licenses tab in System Administration.

2.Select a license, click Deactivate and confirm the action in the dialog that opens.

3. Enter your name, email address, and select the reason for deactivation from drop-down list to confirm and explain the action.

It will now be possible to activate this license key on another computer.

To Remove a License

If you are absolutely certain a license is no longer needed, it is possible to remove it. Only invalid (red) licenses can be removed.

1.Go to Licenses tab in System Administration.

2.Select the license you want to remove and click the Remove button.