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DW Spectrum User Manual

Files from a single device, Bookmarks, and files from multiple devices that are synchronized for simultaneous playback can be can be exported from DW Spectrum. Export is performed in background, so it is possible to continue working with DW Spectrum until the export is completed. As soon as export is finished, the video will be available under Local Files in the Resource Tree. Exporting motion-only video ignores all gaps between motion events and stitches the separate motion events together to form seamless playback. If they exist for a camera, Bookmarks are included in exported video.

! IMPORTANT: Exported video will only be available as a Local file until the the current session ends! To make it available permanently, the exported video must be saved to the DW Spectrum Media Folder (see “Configuring Media Folders”). Alternately, you can create and save a layout that contains the exported video(s). See "Viewing Exported Video" for more information.

Exported video can be protected with a password that will be required to be able to log in and view exported .nov or .exe files. Exported videos can also be exported in read-only mode to prevent modifications to layout and item settings during playback. This protects the chain of custody and authenticity of exported video during investigations.

If a long time segment is selected for export, the following warning message will appear: You are about to export a long video. It may require over a gigabyte of HDD space and take several minutes to complete.

The Following File Formats Are Supported

MKVMatroska (.mkv) is a more advanced format that may not be supported on some devices (ex: home media players). It does not restrict video and audio content. (Single camera only.)

AVI – Audio video interleave (.avi) is more widely used, but the codec remains intact (H264). To view exported videos in other players additional codecs may be required. If a codec is not allowed in the AVI format, a warning message will display. (Single camera only.)

MP4MPEG-4 Part 14 (.mp4) is another advanced format that may not be played back on some devices (ex: home media players). It does not restrict video and audio content. (Single camera only.)

NOV – A proprietary DW Spectrum media file (.nov). Can be opened by the DW Spectrum desktop client only.

EXE – A platform dependent executable bundle where the DW Spectrum Client application is exported with the video file. Used to distribute videos to users who do not have any codecs or media players installed. Can be opened without DW Spectrum installed on the computer, but video will be viewable only on the Windows architecture with which video was produced. When the executable is opened, the Client launches and plays the exported video. These files can be edited once exported. Motion detection and data processing in the recorded segments is retained in the export.

note Note: Export is only available to users with the appropriate permissions. Export archive permission is required for any export operation. See "Introducing User Roles" for details.

The Following Options Are Available

Adding a User Watermark – Adds an overlay of the user login to video to identify the recording source.

Validating Exports – Indicates if any modifications were performed to the footage being exported.

Read-only – Multi-video files (.exe and .nov formats) can be exported with a read-only option.

Password Protected ExportMulti-video files (.exe and .nov formats) can be exported with password protection.

Other options (timestamp, logo, etc.) may be added to single-camera exports.