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DW Spectrum User Manual

There are five predefined user roles in DW Spectrum:

Owner (uses "admin" login) – This user has unlimited System privileges and cannot be deleted. Can create and modify Administrators, and can merge Systems and link or unlink to DW Cloud accounts.

Administrator – In addition to Advanced Viewer permissions, this user has full control of System configuration, but cannot change any Owner settings, cannot delete or change their own role, and cannot create or edit other Administrators. Only an Owner or Administrator can define a shared layout.

Advanced Viewer – In addition to Viewer permissions, can also see and run PTZ positions and PTZ Tours, use 2-way audio, operate I/O Module buttons, create and edit Bookmarks, and view the Event Log.

Viewer – In addition to Live Viewer permissions, can view and export archive and Bookmarks, and trigger a screen recording.

Live Viewer – These users can view live videos in specific layouts to which they have been assigned access. They can also view all I/O Modules, view all web pages, and monitor the health status of all servers.

All users can change their own password and by default have access to all cameras.




Advanced Viewer


Live Viewer

Cannot be deleted





Connect / Disconnect a System from DW Cloud





Create / Modify Admins





Create / Modify Users, Share Layouts




Manage Servers




Add / Edit Video Walls




Adjust Device Settings




Access PTZ, 2-Way Audio, Event Log, etc



Screen Recording


View / Export Archive


View / Export Bookmarks


View Live Video

Typically, the Owner or Administrator creates and configures layouts for the various user roles. Users with one of the predefined roles above can log into DW Spectrum and only work with the layouts they have been assigned.

It is also possible to create Custom Roles so that specific permissions can be assigned to an individual or a group of user. Access to specific devices can be provided to users with a Custom Role. See "Roles Management" for details.

! IMPORTANT: Because permission assignments are so flexible, any given action or resource may not be available to a given user or User Role. Many of the features and functions described in this manual will only be available to users with the appropriate permission level.