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DW Spectrum User Manual

Fullscreen mode simultaneously expands display of a single Item to fill the entire layout, and hides all four sliding panels. If you expand an item to Fullscreen mode, only recorded fragments related to the selected Item are visible on the Timeline. Use the ESC key to exit Fullscreen mode.

You have the option to pin the timeline while in fullscreen mode to prevent it from automatically hiding. If you exit fullscreen mode with the timeline still pined, all other cameras will have the timeline automatically pinned when entering fullscreen mode.

To Toggle Fullscreen Mode on or off, Use One of the Following:

Double-click or press Enter on an Item in layout.

Open an item's context menu and select Maximize Item to expand or Restore Item to return the full layout and panel display.

Create an event rule using the action "Set to Fullscreen".

note Note: You can use a Tour to loop through Fullscreen display of each item in the active layout.