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DW Spectrum User Manual

The display on initial System launch is an empty Viewing Grid with tab name “New Layout*”. An asterisk next to a layout name, both on tabs in the Navigation Panel and layout names in the Resource Tree, indicates that the layout has unsaved changes. If you do not enter a custom name, the new tab name automatically increments by 1 (“New Layout 2”) until the user session ends.

A blank tab will always display when all layouts are closed. If too many tabs are open to display at once you can use the "<" and ">" arrows in the Navigation Panel to scroll left and right through the hidden tabs.

To Open a New Tab

Right-click on any tab in the Navigation Panel and select New Tab (Ctrl+T) from the context menu.

Go to Main Menu > New > Tab.

Click on the + icon to the right of the last tab in the Navigation Panel.

To Close a Tab

Click on the X icon next to the tab name.

Right-click on a tab to open the context menu and select Close (Ctrl+W).

To Close All but the Active Tab

To close all tabs but the active one, open the tab’s context menu and select Close All But This.

To Reposition a Tab

Click-and-drag a tab name in the Navigation Panel to change its position.