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DW Spectrum User Manual

DW Spectrum has a built-in Screenshot feature that simplifies still image capture of streaming device and local video files to PNG or JPG output formats. If image enhancement and/or dewarping were applied to the exported source, they will be retained in the screenshot.

To Take a Screenshot from a Video

1.Select an item in a Layout.

2.Move to the desired position in the Timeline (see "Navigating through Archive and Live").

3.Click the Screenshot button screenshot_hovered.

4.In the Save As dialog that opens:

a.Chose a directory location

b.Enter a File name or use the default file name (i.e. the device name appended with a timestamp).

c.Select one of the file types from the dropdown menu: JPEG or PNG.

d.To include the playback time, select a timestamp location from the dropdown menu or select No Timestamp.

e.To include the camera's name, select a camera name location from the dropdown menu or select No camera name.

f.Click Save.