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DW Spectrum User Manual

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Devices Disconnected (default)

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Occurs if a device is disconnected for whatever reason (network issue, device malfunction, etc.). This is a default event.

Devices are considered disconnected if no data is received for 10 seconds. If a device is experiencing network issues for over a minute, then ! appears next to it in the Resource Tree. Once data is received from the device, the status is automatically changed back to Online.

Additional related events may occur that can help to investigate the issue:

Network Issue – Indicates the network is unable to transfer data between the device and server, potentially the reason a device goes offline.

Server Failure – If a server is down, all hosted devices will appear offline.

Camera IP Conflict – If another camera with the same IP address enters the network, one of these two cameras will go offline.

Server Conflict – If different servers on the same network access and pull data from the same cameras. Some cameras may drop offline because they are not able to provide several streams simultaneously.

Basic Parameters

At – Click in this field to select devices to monitor, or use <Any Device> to monitor all devices.

Advanced Parameters

Event Scheduling

Why Event may work incorrectly

Too many devices are monitored, triggering too many events.

Devices being monitored are offline.

Action is not configured properly.

Global notification for this event is disabled.