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DW Spectrum User Manual

Cell spacing, cell aspect ratio, and resolution can be set for universally for a layout. You can also use the Layout Settings dialog to control

1.Right-click on the Viewing Grid of the layout or on the desired layout in the Resource Tree to open the context menu.

2.Select Layout Settings

3.In the General tab, use the following settings:

Locked – See "Locking Layouts".

Minimum Grid Size – Enable this parameter to control item size and placement more precisely. When an item is added to layout, it is always scaled to fit into one cell of the Viewing Grid. As more items are added to layout, the cell size is adaptively reduced so that all items can fit in the display. Cell size gets smaller with each item added, so item size gets smaller. When Minimum Grid Size is enabled, you can set an absolute Viewing Grid cell size, where the greater the value in the Width and Height fields, the more cells there are in the grid. The larger the number of cells in the grid, the smaller each cell is, and therefore the more flexibility you have in positioning items.

Logical ID – Enter a custom number that will be assigned to the layout for quick API and integration identification and access.

4.Use the Background tab as described in "Adding a Background to Layout".