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DW Spectrum User Manual

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Opening DW Spectrum Web Client

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The DW Spectrum Web Client (Web Admin) provides the following features:

Owner-level server and System controls

Live stream viewing

Playback of archived video

Camera management (view camera information and configure motion settings)

Server health and log viewing

Storage management (view storage information and add external storage)

User management (add cloud users, remove local/cloud users and change access level)

View and activate licenses

Access to developer tools and API documentation.

To Open the Web Client

1.Enter //{server IP address:7001} in a web browser.

If the default 7001 port does not work, you can open the Web Client interface through the Desktop Client (right-click on the server in the Resource Tree and choose Server Web Page).

You can open Web client from the Tray Assistant. Click the DW Spectrum tray icon and choose Server Web Page.

2.In the login dialog that opens, enter your standard login and password credentials. (You will be able to check or edit the port setting on this page).

The Web Client can be opened on mobile devices as well. See Using a Server's Web Interface for more information about the Web Client.

note Note: If a System contains multiple servers, the web interface will control the server to which the client is connected (as indicated by the server_current_disabled icon in the Resource Tree).