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DW Spectrum User Manual

DW Spectrum provides a simple and convenient way to control servers remotely through the server's web interface.

To access a server's web interface from a browser, see "Opening DW Spectrum Web Client".

note Note: A server web page may be inaccessible because it is located on a different network than the server. See Adding a Web Page as an Item for information on accessing such web pages as a proxied resource.

To Access a Server's Web Interface from the DW Spectrum Client

1.Right-click on a server and choose Server Settings from the context menu.

2.Click on the Server Web Page link on the bottom left of the dialog.

You can also choose Server Web Page directly from the server's context menu.

The Web Interface Provides the Following Options and Information


See all connected servers and devices

View live and recorded video

note Note: See "Searching and Filtering in DW Spectrum" for information about searching and filtering connected servers and devices.

Settings – System Administration (General)

Rename System

Merge Systems

Connect to DW Cloud

Allow only secure connections

Encrypt video traffic

Limit session duration

Disable audit trail

Disable auto discovery

Allow system to optimize camera settings

Settings – System Administration (Licenses)

Activate licenses

View license information

Settings – Cameras

Select image aspect ratio

Select image rotation

Enable audio

Edit authentication credentials

Configure motion detection

Settings – Users

Delete users

Modify user information (name and email)

Change user password

 note Note: Local Systems are limited to only modifying information for the System Owner.

Settings – Servers

Change port

Restart Server

Restore factory defaults

Detach from the System

Choose Main or Backup storage

Add external storage

Reindex main storage

Reindex backup storage


View Health Monitoring information and download a report. (See "Health Monitoring" for more information.)

Settings – Footer

DW Spectrum download link

API documentation

SDK download link

note Note: See "Searching and Filtering in DW Spectrum" for details about searching and filtering in the Web Client.