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DW Spectrum User Manual

DW Cloud. It is a cloud service hosted on the Internet and extends functionality of DW Spectrum Systems. See "Working with DW Spectrum" for more information about DW Cloud.

The cloud icon cloud_20_disabled in the Navigation Panel opens a dialog where you can login or logout of DW Cloud, or create a DW Cloud account.

To obtain all benefits of Cloud connectivity, the system should be linked to DW Cloud. See "Connect your Systems to DW Cloud" for more details.

To Create a DW Cloud Account

1.Open the DW Cloud account registration webpage using a browser or from Desktop Client (the cloud_20_disabled icon in the Navigation Panel).

2.Enter your registration information and click Create Account.

3.An activation email will be sent to you. Open the email and click Activate Account.

To Log In to DW Cloud from the Desktop Client

1.Click the cloud_20_disabled icon in the Navigation Panel.

2.Enter your email and DW Cloud password, then click on the Log In button.

Once connected, your email address will be displayed next to the cloud icon, and you can click on it to open the DW Cloud portal, log out from DW Cloud, or change your Cloud account settings.

Note that you can connect to a server with the DW Cloud login even if the internet connection is temporarily unavailable. After several unsuccessful attempts to log in, connect to, or disconnect from a Cloud account, all log in attempts will be denied for 1 minute.

To Log in to the DW Cloud Portal Interface

1.Open the DW Cloud portal homepage and click Log In.

2.Enter your DW Cloud account credentials and click Log In.

3.Click on a tile to access the following webpages for the selected system:

View – Use the Resource Tree to view live and archive footage.

Settings – Manage users, system and security settings, activate licenses, enable recording, create a motion mask, etc.

Information – Use the Health Monitoring tool to check to see if the system is in good shape and displays information such as the performance of the system and if any errors have occurred.

The DW Cloud portal homepage displays tiles, and each tile represents a cloud-connected system to which the user has access.