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DW Spectrum User Manual

In addition to Server Monitoring, DW Spectrum introduces the Health Monitoring tool that allows you to see if your system is in good shape and displays information such as the performance of the system and if any errors have occurred. It makes managing systems regardless of their size much easier, while also allowing our support engineers to quickly see what's going on when you open a request. See Contacting Support for more information about submitting a support request.

You can access Health Monitoring from the DW Cloud portal and Web Admin page by clicking the Information tab. Health Monitoring in DW Cloud may have additional functionality not found in the Web Admin.

The Health Monitoring tool provides two main pieces of information: metrics and alerts. By viewing and understanding the information provided in each of these sections, you will get a quick and comprehensive view of the system's health.

note Note: To view basic server usage information in the client, you can use the server monitoring option. (See Monitoring Servers for details).