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DW Spectrum User Manual

Some issues can be resolved without support, such as

a camera that is not working properly can be diagnosed (see "Diagnosing Offline Devices"), and

an archive that is lost can be restored (see "Reindexing Archives").

note Note: This section and the following sub-sections apply only to System Administrators: Collecting Basic Information, Collecting Logs, Providing Remote Access, and Sending Anonymous Usage and Crash Statistics.

When posting an issue to support, describe the problem in as much detail as possible. At a minimum, please provide the version, hardware, and driver of your System from the About screen (see "Collecting Basic Information"). Support may request additional information such as log files, network configuration, etc. (see "Collecting Logs"), or ask that you provide Administrator login credentials as well.

For a more in-depth look at the state your system is in, see "Health Monitoring". Health Monitoring will display system performance and error information. It will be helpful to include some of the information on that page when submitting a support request.

To expedite investigation, it may be useful to provide remote access. If it is not possible to provide remote access for security reasons, or if an issue is difficult to replicate, a supporting video clip can help the support team understand and investigate the issue. Use the screen recording function to create a video clip, and attach the video to your support ticket.

If the issue is related to compatibility of a specific device, the support team might provide a specific build that can solve the particular issue. See "Updating DW Spectrum" for more information.