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DW Spectrum User Manual

The Users tab in System Administration lists all users defined on a System and indicates whether or not they are enabled.

User Management Form - 1

The following information is displayed for each user:

Login – Used to log in to the account.

Name – Used as a searchable name in User Management.

Role – See "Predefined User Roles".

LDAP – Indicates if user was imported from LDAP (see "Adding Users from LDAP Server").

Enabled – Indicates if user is currently enabled.

The following operations available:

Sort users Each of the columns can be sorted in ascending or descending alphabetical order.

Filter users – Type characters in the Search users field to display only those users having the entered characters in one of their column fields.

note Note: See "Searching and Filtering in DW Spectrum" for more details.

Enable / Disable / Delete – Perform the associated action on the selected user(s).

Force Secure Authentication – This option returns users with digest authentication enabled back to requiring secure authentication. See "Session and Digest Authentication" for more details.

New User – See "Creating a New User".

Edit Roles – See "Roles Management".

LDAP Settings / Fetch Users from LDAP – See "Adding Users from LDAP Server".