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DW Spectrum User Manual

With multi-video export it is possible to export video and audio from the archives of several cameras or Bookmarks simultaneously (for instance, the last 10 minutes of recorded video from five different cameras).

Note that it is not possible to playback local videos files in a multi-video export. If a layout includes both cameras and local files, the local files will not be shown in the Export Video dialog and will not be exported in the resulting file. Note that if the selection contains empty archive on a given camera, it will be exported and "no data" will be shown when viewing the exported clip.

The exported files are saved either in a proprietary format that can be played by DW Spectrum (.nov), or as an executable bundle that can be viewed on any Windows computer (.exe). The proprietary format has many benefits in comparison to single camera export. The exported multi-video layout can be navigated, manipulated, and searched like any other layout (see "Navigating through several cameras synchronously" and "Motion Smart Search"). It is even possible to perform multi-video export on a multi-video export.

! IMPORTANT: An exported video will only be available as a Local File in the Resource Tree until the client restarts. To make it available permanently, save the exported video to the DW Spectrum Media Folder (see “Configuring Media Folders”).

To Export Multiple Items as One File

1.Open the desired layout.

2.Use the Timeline to select the desired time segment.

3.Right-click on the selected time segment to open the context menu and choose Export Video.

4.Select the Multi Video tab.

5.Optionally, you can check Make read-only to prevent the exported video from being edited.

6.Optionally, you can check Protect with password to require a password to launch and view the exported file (see "Password Protected Exports" below).

7.Select Digital Watchdog Media file (*.nov) or Executable Digital Watchdog Media File (x64) (*.exe) format.

8.Select a Folder to export to and enter a file Name.

9.Click Export or Cancel.