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DW Spectrum User Manual

DW Spectrum comes with plugins pre-installed for the most popular manufacturers devices. Plugins allow for built-in video analytics and DW Spectrum to properly communicate with one another. Usually, the initially set-up and configuration for built-in camera analytics must be done in the camera's dedicated web page or the 3rd party software's settings, but can be done in the Desktop Client for compatible cameras (see "Analytics: Region of Interest (ROI)" for details).

Installing a Plugin

The Stub Analytics Plugin will be used in the installation example below, but applies to any camera plugin. The Stub Analytics Plugin is a sample plugin that attempts to utilize and demonstrate some of the features present in DW Spectrum and is included in by default in the samples/stub_analytics_plugin directory.

To activate Stub Analytics Plugin perform the following steps:

1.Copy or move the plugin from where you have it saved to the plugins/ directory. For the Stub plugin, you can find it in the default plugins_optional/ directory. The file name is sample_analytics_plugin.dll on Windows and on Linux.

2.Restart DW Spectrum Server.

3.In DW Spectrum desktop client, open a camera on the layout. Make sure the video starts playing.

4.Right-click the camera and select Camera Settings.

5.Go to the Plugins tab and click Stub Analytics Plugin.

6.Toggle the on/off switch the feature that you would like to test.


7.Apply changes.

8.Once a Plugin is enabled for a camera, the Server will feed video frames into the integrated video analytic engine for analysis.

For example, enabling Stub: Best Shot on a camera will generate a simulated object with a bounding box around it. This simulated object is detected by the analytics engine as it moves across the camera's stream and each detection shows up as a thumbnail in the Objects tab if the camera is open in a Layout. See Analytics Event for information on configuring events.

If an object is detected, the "Analytics Object Detected" event may be triggered.

note Note: Users can find and modify the plugin’s System-wide settings in the Analytics tab on the System Administration dialog.

Additional plugins that are available:

Digital Watchdog Analytics

Axis Analytics

Bosch Analytics

Dahua Analytics

Hikvision Analytics

VIVOTEK Analytics

Finally, DW Spectrum supports the Region of Interest (ROI) feature which allows configuring analytics from the Desktop Client ather than 3rd party software settings or cameras' web pages.

note Note: At the moment, only Stub Analytics can be configured in the Desktop Client.