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DW Spectrum User Manual

DW Spectrum can be used to display web pages in the layout using the built-in Chromium browser. This can be useful, for instance, for modifying camera parameters on an external web page, or to open an external system such as Access Control or Analytics while also performing surveillance monitoring. Additionally, a web page can be used to view videos and download files.

For convenience, login credentials entered on any website will be saved between browsing sessions unless you manually sign out of your account before the end of a browsing session.

To Add a New Web Page Item

1.Go to Main Menu and choose New > Web Page, or right-click on the Web Pages icon in the Resource Tree and select New Web Page.

2.In the dialog that opens, enter a Name for the page, and the desired URL (e.g., this webpage via server.

3.If needed, enable "Proxy this webpage via server" select which server to use as the proxy for the web page. This setting makes web pages accessible on the server computer also accessible on the client computer.

The web page will open as a new item in the current layout and be added to the Web Pages section of the Resource Tree.

In a web page item, the Show Info option toggles display of the URL as a transparent overlay in the bottom left corner of the cell. You can use the Web Page Settings option from the item's context menu to change the name or URL.

To Clear Browsing Data Saved Between Sessions

1.Open Main Menu, go to Local Settings > Advanced and press Clear Local Cache.

2.Restart the DW Spectrum desktop client.

Advanced Settings

Allow opening web page without SSL certificate checking If enabled, DW Spectrum will not check the web page's security certificate. No warning will be shown if the certificate is not secure.

Allow using Client API If enabled, web pages will be allowed to perform actions in the desktop client (e.g. open/close a camera on the layout, play/pause stream, set playback time, etc).

Proxy all requested contents If enabled, any service or device on the server's network can be accessed by the users of the web page. This setting is only available if "Proxy this webpage via server" is enabled.