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DW Spectrum User Manual

The Viewing Grid is the empty background of cells into which items are placed to create a layout. Each layout is displayed in a separate tab of the Viewing Grid. Tabs allow you to have multiple layouts open at once.

The cells of the Viewing Grid are only visible when you move or resize an object in layout. When an item is being moved, a green cell indicates where it can be placed, red cells indicate where it cannot be placed.

The Viewing Grid has a default cell aspect ratio of 16:9, currently the most common aspect ratio of cameras on the market, but will shift to the aspect ratio of the first item placed in a new layout. This is important to consider when designing your layout. Subsequent items added to layout retain their native aspect ratio regardless of the aspect ratio of the Viewing Grid. However, the default aspect ratio for a layout can be changed using Cell Aspect Ratio from the Viewing Grid context menu.

It is also possible to control the size of the Viewing Grid cells for specific layouts; see "Configuring Layouts".

The Viewing Grid has a setting for the space between cells (None, Small, Medium, or Large) which is useful when you need to make a layout more compact. Access this control from the Viewing Grid context menu by choosing Change Cell Spacing.

There is also a setting for the default display resolution (Auto, Low, High), which is controlled from the Resolution option in the Viewing Grid context menu (right-click on the camera tile).