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DW Spectrum User Manual

DW Cloud is an important part of DW Spectrum that extends functionality of DW Spectrum Systems. Once the System is linked to DW Cloud, it is possible to access it from any location through the Internet without any additional settings like port-forwarding and IP/Hostname/Port. See "Connecting System to DW Cloud" and "Logging in to DW Cloud".

Options and Information Available When A System Is Selected


oSee all connected servers and devices

oView live and recorded video

Settings – System Administration (General)

oRename System

oMerge with Another System

oDisconnect account from the System

oDisable auto discovery

oAllow system to optimize camera settings

oToggle anonymous usage and crash statistics

oDisable audit trail

oAllow only secure connections

oEncrypt video traffic

oLimit session duration

Settings – System Administration (Licenses)

oActivate licenses

oView license information

Settings – Cameras

oSelect image aspect ratio

oSelect image rotation

oEnable audio

oEdit authentication credentials

oConfigure motion detection

Settings – Users

oAdd users

oModify user information (name and email)

oDelete users

oChange user password

Settings – Servers

oChange port

oRestart Server

oRestore factory defaults

oDetach from the System

oChoose Main or Backup storage

oAdd external storage

oReindex main storage

oReindex backup storage


oView Health Monitoring information and download a report.

Settings – Footer

oAbout DW Cloud

oDownload DW Spectrum


oTerms of Service

oPrivacy Policy

oSupported Devices

note Note: See "Searching and Filtering in DW Spectrum" for details about searching and filtering in the Cloud Portal.

Account Settings

Change account name and language settings

Change Password

Two-factor authentication

Main Menu



oSupported Devices

oHealth Report Viewer

External Links


oPrivacy Policy