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DW Spectrum User Manual

The Playback Panel provides archive and local file playback controls, extensive search capabilities, and seamless transition from live to archived footage.

Playback Panel - 1

Current time displays the current time from your computer.

Playback buttons use to start, stop, and control playback speed.

Speed Slider alternate control for playback speed.

Timeline – controls navigation through archive footage. See "Using the Timeline".

Thumbnails – drag the upper edge of the Timeline upward to display preview thumbnails. See "Using Thumbnails".

Display buttons:

oLIVE – switches selected camera(s) to live playback mode. See "Parts of the Timeline".

oSYNC – performs time synchronization of all cameras displayed on the current layout. See "Synchronizing Playback".

obookmarks – use to show/hide thumbnails above the Timeline.

ocalendar – use to show/hide calendar for navigating through archives. See "Using the Calendar".

Volume control – adjusts audio volume of the client application. See "Adjusting Volume".