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DW Spectrum User Manual

The Resource Panel contains the Resource Tree, which displays all servers, cameras and devices, layouts, Showreels, Video Walls, web pages, users and User Roles, local files and other Systems available to the current user. What is shown in the Resource Tree depends on the user's permission level.

note Note: To access the Resource Tree from the Web Admin, open the View tab.

Resource Tree Display

Levels can be expanded to show additional information. For example, Servers at the top-level expands to show each server in the System, and expanding a server shows all of the devices connected to it. Expanding Users shows both User Roles and individuals, each of which expands to show the devices and layouts that person or role has access to, and all layouts expand to show which devices and web pages they contain. Use Ctrl (Cmd) + F to search through the Resource Tree. The + and - keys expand/collapse Resource Tree sections and the arrow keys can navigate through and select resources.

note Note: It is possible to share cameras between users via drag-and-drop in the Resource Tree.

Resources that are placed in the active layout are bolded in the Resource Tree list. The currently selected resource is shown in blue in the Resource Tree. Display of server and device IP addresses can be toggled on or off in the Look and Feel dialog.

Each resource and resource type has a related context menu. You can highlight the name and click F2 as a shortcut to rename a resource.

serversServers: Lists the servers registered in the System. A server may have several network interfaces, so it is possible for different IP addresses to be displayed for the same server. Server icons indicate the following statuses:

server_current_disabled Client is connected to this server

server_offline_disabled Server is offline

server_incompatible_disabled Server version is incompatible with other Servers in the System (see "Updating DW Spectrum")

server_unauthorized_disabled Server is unauthorized. In this very rare situation, the password for the user Admin does not coincide with other servers so this server is not able connect to the System. To fix this issue, open the Server Web Page, click on Restore factory defaults, and then reconnect to the System (see "Using a Server's Web Interface")

Devices (various icons): Each server shows a list of the attached devices. When a mouse cursor hovers over a device icon in the Resource Tree, a thumbnail of a frame taken by that device will open (thumbnails update every 2-3 seconds). Devices attached to a server can include:

camera_disabled Cameras

wearable_camera Virtual Cameras

io_disabled I/O Modules

multisensor_disabled Multi-Channel Cameras

encoder Recorders

local Groups: Two or more of the above devices organized into a group. To create a group, select two or more resources, right-click the selection, and click Create Group.

Device icons indicate the following statuses:

 camera_offline_disabled or io_offline_disabled – Device is offline (see "Diagnosing Offline Devices")

 camera_unauthorized_disabled or io_unauthorized_disabled – Device is unauthorized (see "Configuring Device's Authentication")

Icons to the left of a device name indicate the following:

 recording@2x– Device is currently in recording mode

 scheduled– Device is configured for recording but is not recording at the moment

  notrecording – Indicates camera is not recording but there a recorded archive is available.

  ! – Device is experiencing network issues (see "Device Disconnection/Malfunction" or "Working Around Device Issues (Expert Settings)")

note Note“Preview is outdated” message is displayed over the video preview thumbnail of a device if the thumbnail has not been updated in over 15 minutes.

layoutLayouts: Contains resources (devices and local files). Owned by users and displayed under each user

layout_shared_disabled Shared Layouts Layouts created by an administrator and made available to a User Role or other set of users

layout_locked Locked Layouts Layouts that cannot be changed (see "Locking Layouts")

layout_tourShowreels: Cycle display through a sequence of layouts (see "Showreel (Tour Cycle)")

webpageWeb Pages: Show the viewing cells containing a web page (see "Adding a Web Page as an Item")

usersUsers: Lists Users and User Roles

videowall_disabledVideo Walls: Control multiple displays remotely (see "Video Wall Management")

other_systemsOther Systems: Shows servers in local network that belong to different Systems, and the available Cloud Systems (see "Configuring Multi-Server Environment")

localLocal Files: Displays the following file types:

Local Video files (see"Playing Local Video Files in DW Spectrum")

Exported Video Files (see "Exporting Video")

Exported Multi-Video Files (see "Multi-Video Export")

Screen Recordings (see "Screen Recording")


Screenshots (see “Taking Screenshots”)