Healthcare facilities require enhanced video solutions to effectively monitor daily operations. From ensuring patient and staff safety to surveying expensive medical equipment, video cameras integrated with intelligent DW Spectrum provide added security for medical centers. With an intuitive interface and advanced functionality, DW Spectrum allows users to view up to 64 cameras at one time and seamlessly transition from live to playback video, all in a single interface. Its fast video search and instant event notifications prove invaluable for patient and staff protection, reducing theft and allowing for swift resolution on in-hospital incidences. Beyond security, video management and reliable analytics allow for patient, staff and ambulance fleet tracking to ensure quality of care and improve overall organization.
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Key Benefits

Managing incidents in real-time.

Emergencies can develop in unforeseen ways and many times away from watchful eyes. Emergency cases in parking lots, rushed "patient dumps" by the front of a hospital, or obstructions to access points to the hospital due to environmental causes can be critical when not detected in time. DW's complete surveillance solutions offer live monitoring, alarm and audio for emergencies, and 3rd party integration provides early event detection and gives operators and hospital staff the opportunity to react to events quicker, potentially saving lives.

Technology for safer hospitals.

DW's complete surveillance solutions protect your staff from workplace violence (from co-workers or disgruntled patients), illegal access to medication storage, and unauthorized entry to restricted areas, which may result in patient abduction. DW's solutions help you keep your staff and patients feeling safe so they can focus on offering the best medical treatment to your patients and patients making a full recovery.

Putting personal safety first.

DW's Ai solutions can help staff and management detect and record abnormal incidents such as staff assault or suspicious behavior by patients or visitors. With Deep Learning, DW's solutions can detect loitering and tailgating in areas with patients and people who may not be able to protect themselves in their current state. Law enforcement can be contacted automatically to deter further escalation. Smart visitor access control allows visitors access to loved ones while hospital management keeps unauthorized areas locked and secured.

Minimizing hospital theft.

Narcotics, supplies and high-value equipment are always at risk of theft from unauthorized visitors or staff. DW partners with 3rd party technology partners to offer integrated access control and video surveillance solutions. Thanks to DW's ever-growing library of market-leading technology partners, hospital management can rest assured that they have the tools to limit unauthorized access to medication dispensaries, supply closets and restricted areas. Additional integration with alarms and locks in sensitive areas allow you to control incidents from start to finish in from a single interface.

Neonatal virtual visitation.

Separation and isolation resulting in a newborn being placed in the ICU can be stressful for the parents. DW's complete surveillance solutions allow hospitals to use their existing security infrastructure to let parents virtually connect with their newborns, with 24/7 visual verification of the child's well-being. Parents can be granted secure and high-definition access to their children. Parents can even use two-way audio to communicate with the staff or talk to their children, giving them much-needed peace of mind in challenging times. Remote visual communication can help minimize hazard exposure for a child at risk and give caregivers and staff access to provide uninterrupted, high-quality patient care.

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