Banking and financial institutions face a multitude of challenges from theft and fraud, to hacking and keeping sensitive data secured, to keeping customers and staff safe and happy. DW’s complete surveillance solutions provide scalability, future-proof versatility and adaptability to protect against evolving security threats such as robberies, thefts, and fraud. DW solutions can help banks and financial institutions protect customers, staff and assets, while also improving customer experience, boosting sales, and reducing costs and redundancies, with a scalable solution, suited for a single branch to an entire corporation.
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Key Benefits

Security for staff, customers and assets

DW surveillance solutions can help prevent crimes and help investigations with high-resolution cameras up to 21MP, Star-Light Plus™ technology for color views in low-light environments and wide dynamic range. These technologies provide detailed and clear coverage of all areas in a bank. Combined with hardware such as multi-sensor and fisheye cameras that are both discrete and cutting-edge, banks can do more with fewer cameras, cover any blind spots and keep with the overall polished look of the bank’s style. Intelligent video analytics and advanced video management software provide a comprehensive range of security functions that can cover both local monitoring and multiple branches from a central control station. Transaction areas can be tightly monitored for fraud and theft, entry to secure areas and rooms can be controlled, automatic alerts can warn of suspicious behavior, and much more.

Efficient branches and satisfied customers

The goal of bank branches is to provide services and convert sales while controlling costs. With that in mind, DW delivers hardware and video analytics that can improve the way your branches operate by helping reduce wait time, optimize workforce schedules, and provide a faster, excellent customer experience. DW solutions combine video and intelligence analytics to improve processes and reduce wasted time. 3rd party partners can also integrate facial recognition and demographic analysis to learn and automate responses according to your customers’ needs. Managers can use DW solutions to track floor traffic, waiting customers, and peak hours to staff branches accordingly. Bank branches are an excellent source of information about customer behavior, and DW’s complete solutions can help corporate monetize that information by collecting and analyzing data and outputting usable intelligence.

Cybersecurity in banking

With the ever-increasing threat of cyberattacks, banks need to show customers that the entire organization is secure and robust. Keeping customers’ personal data and finances secured from potential attacks requires each part of a network to take the highest level of safety into account. DW is continually monitoring new security risks to that our products are protected against cybersecurity threats when deployed, on any scale. With two-factor authentication, enhanced password policy, and encryption of communications between cameras, recorders and clients we proactively help customers protect their data from potential attacks. Any vulnerability that arises is quickly handled and remedied with transparency and respect for our customers and their private data.

Keeping ATMs and customers secure

Effective, discreet ATM security improves customer confidence in your bank and your ability to keep their finances safe. Security cameras in the vicinity of ATMs can deter criminals and prevent attacks on customers while keeping your ATMs operational. MEGApix® CaaS™ edge network cameras are ideal for remote ATM locations. They let you remotely access outstanding high-quality live and recorded video with limited bandwidth use, and local storage that can be integrated into the larger branch and corporate solutions via DW Spectrum® IPVMS. In case of a crime, archive footage can assist with investigations. The IVA™ video analytics engine can detect vandalism, ATM tampering, suspicious behavior like loitering and shoulder surfing. DW’s pinhole ATM cameras are small, compact and sturdy, making them ideal for discreet surveillance at ATMs.

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Six Big Reasons DWS IPVMS Is Your Choice

Open architecture/cross platform
Interface is dramatically easier to use
Enterprise features are standard
Part of a complete end-to-end IP solution
Lifetime upgrades/no annual agreements
Scalable from one to thousands of devices

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