Whether you are responsible for a resort, boutique hotel or a chain of restaurants, DW complete video surveillance solutions protect your guests and staff and help your operations run smoothly. Perhaps best of all, DW Spectrum easily integrates with your other network services such as Point of Sale, Access Control and Alarms.
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Key Benefits

Network video and audio that serves your customers

DW's complete surveillance solutions allow users to deliver an enhanced customer experience in restaurants and hotels. With surveillance solutions discreetly indoors and with deterrence outdoors, monitored from a single central software, owners and managers can maximize the actionable data they gain from their DW system. Adding analytics can help users identify blocked emergency exists, suspicious behavior and more, letting you act sooner and avoid incidents that can harm your reputation or the safety of your guests and employees.

Keep your restaurants safe, secure, and hygienic

DW's complete surveillance solutions have ideal solutions for restaurant environments. Use Star-Light Plus™ cameras with color in near-total darkness and high-quality footage for softly lit restaurants to help spot theft or fraud at points of sale. Vandal-resistant cameras with zoom and high-quality images can help keep track of hygiene practices and cleanliness in the kitchens and staff areas. Combine with a SiteWatch™ horn speaker to improve communications with the staff while also providing ambient music to your patrons. For fast food and chain restaurants, DW's complete surveillance solutions offer local and corporate multi-branch monitoring optimized for drive-throughs, pick-up areas and car parks.

Secure hotels that respect customer privacy

DW's complete surveillance solutions offer hotel owners and management a discrete solution, reaching a balance between protecting the guests' privacy while keeping them, their belongings, and your staff safe. DW's solutions combine high-quality cameras that can be installed discretely or visibly for deterrence across the hotel, with robust recording solutions and analytical engines to extract the most actionable data from your video footage.

Operational efficiency

Hotels and restaurant management can use analytics on the camera or the server, such as line crossing, tailgating and dwelling, to add business analytics into conventional surveillance solutions. Actionable data from DW's complete surveillance solutions can let management gain valuable analytical data to help them make their operations more efficient and adjust long-term workforce levels.

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Six Big Reasons DWS IPVMS Is Your Choice

Open architecture/cross platform
Interface is dramatically easier to use
Enterprise features are standard
Part of a complete end-to-end IP solution
Lifetime upgrades/no annual agreements
Scalable from one to thousands of devices

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