Public transportation and infrastructure are always on the move, requiring split-second decision making, adjustments and responses to keep passengers, staff and equipment safe. Passengers' decision to use public transportation depends on their previous experience, and service providers are required to find innovative ways to meet customers’ expectations for safety, comfort and speed. DW surveillance solutions can help operators by providing a wide range of recording, high-quality video, intelligent alerts and actionable data to improve efficiency, protect commuters and workers, and verify incidents for an on-the-spot response.
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Key Benefits

Intelligent traffic management

DW surveillance solutions can be used to visualize an entire road network with real-time data that simplifies decision-making and manage your infrastructure. DW solutions empower users with actionable data to augment traffic flow, incident detection and verification, and environmental impact management.

Improve ridership and overall safety.

DW surveillance solutions can help protect passengers and staff from injury or harm. They can also help safeguard assets and infrastructure from vandalism, intrusion, or service disruptions. DW’s IVA intelligence engine and Star-Light Plus™ technology for color in super low-light environments can provide automated responses, incident verification and high-resolution video evidence to improve incident response. 3rd party integration via DW Spectrum® IPVMS can also add insight into driver performance and passenger behavior, helping you improve service quality.

Smart traffic incident response

Utilize DW’s video solutions to monitor conditions n real-time and deliver traffic improvements. By keeping an eye open for hazardous weather, potholes, wildlife and stopped vehicles, operators can reduce road hazards and risks to commuters. High-quality cameras and advanced video analytics can detect, verify, and respond to incidents quickly and efficiently. DW’s cameras can spot incidents as they occur and reduce false alarms, reducing unnecessary strain on first responders. Our license plate recognition (LPR) cameras are designed to capture high-quality images in moving traffic and challenging lighting. IVA’s intelligent analytics such as stopped object detection can help detect parking violations and improve urban mobility.

Continuous protection for assets and infrastructure.

DW’s security solutions can protect stations, vehicles and critical infrastructure, helping transit authorities keep service continuity. With intelligent detection and alerts, operators can quickly review situations such as intrusion, sabotage, vandalism and waste and respond quickly and effectively to minimize damage and downtime. DW delivers reliable, high-quality video in any weather or light condition so you can monitor all your assets and passengers with no blind spots.

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