Every retailer, whether a small shop or large franchise, faces risk of internal loss, theft, or fraud—making security and surveillance a necessity. Video operations, managed by DW Spectrum, result in greater situational awareness, as well as insights that can be used to drive the bottom line. DW Spectrum’s flexible rules engine and software triggers allow users to customize alarm events and corresponding actions. When integrated with cameras with heat mapping or people-counting capabilities, DW Spectrum delivers comprehensive data to managers, so they can better evaluate store traffic, merchandise placement and overall consumer behavior.
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Key Benefits

Invite customers in. Keep crime out.

DW solutions can help reduce shoplifting, theft, and fraud, and act as a deterrent to protect customers and staff from violence. But it does not end there. Our solutions can automatically detect and alert you to suspicious activities. By combining your DW hardware with third-party applications from our technology partners, you can improve security, reduce shrinkage and increase operational efficiency even further.

The Power of real-time information.

DW’s complete surveillance solutions help you set instant and automatic responses to events in your stores. With real-time intelligent monitoring of your facilities, you can cover more area with fewer people and monitor your cameras from anywhere over the internet. Integration with inventory tracking and POS programs can help reduce inventory shrinkage. Our open platform technology allows for third-party technology partners to enhance DW’s ecosystem and provide you with more actionable data to improve your store operations.

Custom-made solutions.

DW has the right camera and recording solution to fit any size store, from single locations to nationwide chains, and bring everything together in a complete monitoring solution. For a small business looking for an all-in-one solution, the MEGApix® CaaSTM edge solutions are a complete single- or multi-site surveillance system with no server or NVR required. The cameras operate as edge recorders and are managed via the full-featured DW Spectrum® IPVMS pre-installed on the cameras. No software to buy and install, no license keys and no OS to maintain.

Protecting people and property.

Deterrence is a central part of loss prevention and keeping your shoppers and employees safe. With our complete surveillance solutions and cameras to fit any space and coverage needed, we can help you view and monitor your DC’s (distribution centers) operations while also keeping an eye on your storefront, locally and remotely. Our complete and scalable solutions can help you monitor and manage incidents, keeping an eye on the day-to-day operations, and gaining full visibility to company-wide operations. Integrate motion detectors, access control, intelligent video analytics rules and public view monitors to increase the impact of your surveillance solution, deterring potential incidents before they even happen.

Keeping your customers and staff safe.

DW's complete surveillance solutions help owners detect events automatically and act instantly to prevent unsafe situations and protect shoppers and employees. Cameras with built-in audio and video analytics can detect aggressive behavior and notify security. High-quality archived video can easily be searched to drill down to find specific incidents in post-event investigations thanks to DW Spectrum and C3 CMS's robust search options.

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