Gaming and Casinos

DW offers complete, safe and standards-compliant solutions, meeting regulatory requirements and delivering vertical-specific solutions, including color images in near total darkness, as well as extensive recording and storage options. Edge and server-side analytics provide valuable intelligence and insights into patterns, schedules and areas that need specific attention, turning your security cameras into tools that optimize your business and maximize profits through improved efficiency, risk reduction and the ability to react to threats in real-time. Perhaps best of all, DW Spectrum easily integrates with your other network services such as Point of Sale, Access Control and Alarms.
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Key Benefits

Casino surveillance that does more

DW's complete surveillance solutions offer a variety of visible and concealed cameras, at up to 32mP resolution and wide angle lenses, to match the multi-facet needs of casino security. DW has you covered for monitoring people, cards, chips, hand movements and overall floor traffic without intruding or making players and employees uncomfortable.

Security in casinos

DW complete surveillance solutions are high-quality applications that meet the rigorous demands and technical capabilities of surveillance in casinos. DW's cameras offer high resolution with optical and digital zoom capabilities. Cameras powered by DW's Star-Light Plus technology can deliver color images in near-total darkness, making them ideal for dimly lit rooms and spaces. DW's cameras come with double-shutter true WDR to improve the image's quality in high-contrast views, making cards, chips and cash visible and apparent against the background of the dark tables.

Operational efficiency

Casino management can use analytics on the camera itself or the server, such as line crossing, tailgating and dwelling, to add business analytics into conventional surveillance solutions. Actionable data from DW's complete surveillance solutions can let pit managers make informed, real-time decisions. Hotel and resort managers can gain valuable analytical data to help them make their operations more efficient and adjust long-term workforce levels.

Solutions that have customer privacy in mind

Casinos utilizing DW's complete surveillance solutions benefit from cutting-edge hardware and state-of-the-art software to improve customer experience and keep employees, game tables and customers safe. DW's effective and discreet solutions offer excellent coverage from long distances, keeping customers' privacy in mind while allowing operators to zoom into suspicious activities for further details. All DW solutions offer privacy masks and non-detection zones, allowing users to tailor DW's solutions to their needs.

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Six Big Reasons DWS IPVMS Is Your Choice

Open architecture/cross platform
Interface is dramatically easier to use
Enterprise features are standard
Part of a complete end-to-end IP solution
Lifetime upgrades/no annual agreements
Scalable from one to thousands of devices

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